Friday, September 10, 2010

WOW... a LOT has happened since the beginning of JUNE!

Let's see...
Meagan had prom, baccalaureate service, and graduation.
Pete came home for 10 days.
I got a flight booked to Namibia.
Pete went back to north of Ft. Nelson BC.
The boys went to camp (Arrowhead) to work.
I flew to Namibia and spent 5 weeks there.
I went through and organized all of our things left in Namibia, gave everything away except for 1 suitcase full.
Got to reconnect with so many people.
Traveled about 3000km while in Namibia.
Left feeling more encouraged than when I arrived.
Delta lost all of my luggage (including the one suitcase which had the 'few' things I saved. Argh.
Still no sign of luggage.
Pete surprised me and was at my parents house when I drove in August 26.
He stayed for 5 days.
Did school shopping.
Boys went back to school September 8.

This has been a whirlwind summer.  So much accomplished.  I have looked forward to fall when I can settle into a routine and get back into the swing of getting my boys through school.  Other than feeling like I am carrying around a 500lb head (so full of moisture... the humidity makes me crazy), and STILL not recovered from JetLag or climate change or whatever it is... things are going very well.

I will share some more detail on my trip later.  For now I wanted to give the quick update.


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