Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Update

This has been a busy month.  In February I started ART (Active Release Technique) massage therapy.  Last week I had my final treatment and this week I went for a relaxation massage.  Jason Driscoll is amazing in his trade.  I would highly recommend him, only problem is that he can't be cloned and he is already REALLY busy. He works on people to FIX things not to drag it on forever and he is still busy.  After 6 treatments I feel like a whole new woman.  It feels a little bit like a miracle.  I have suffered with back problems for about 22 years now (they all began when I was working at a meat market in Prince George... I strained my back really bad and ended up having back spasms and having to quit my job due to extreme back pain).  Through the years I have always had pain (there was honestly rarely a day that went by without having some kind of ache or pain in my back/neck/shoulders, and I often suffered from migraines)... so this is truly amazing to me that I can feel this good after suffering for so many years.  Sure I get achy through the day, but I can do some simple stretching exercises that help to loosen it up and make it feel better.

Pete was working non-stop for about 5 weeks and then it went completely dead.  He had to start looking for work elsewhere as things are not picking up at KEM.  He would like to go back with them in the fall/winter, but we'll see what happens.  For now, on Monday he got the job he was looking for and 3 other offers... this new company he will be working for beginning on April 4 will be a camp job (exactly what he was hoping for). Two weeks on one week off... and currently they will fly to Edmonton or Calgary but it should be opening up to Canada-wide soon!!!  So potentially he could come home every 3rd week.  It would be nice to see him more often that once every 4 or 5 months, that's a bit much.

I have been working on a lot of sewing projects this past month. if you wish to check out what I have been working on.  My new machine (the one Pete got me for Christmas) is a beauty and so easy to use... I finally learned how to use the embroidery attachment and I hope to make some money and be able to buy the computer attachment so I can download patterns from the internet.  That would be awesome!  I have also been Spring Cleaning.  I moved most of my pantry items into the spare room off the kitchen, and eventually I would like to have a toilet, sink, washer and dryer put in the pantry and move the sink, stove, fridge etc into the spare room and make a proper kitchen/diningroom.  We'll see how Pete's work goes first... there are so many remodeling things I would like to do to make things work more efficiently.  I have also started making a lot more bread.  I purchased a Kitchen Aid Professional mixer.  I now make all of our bread, and of course cookies, and other things for the kids to snack on at school.  Not only does it save on the grocery bill I find that LESS preservatives make a huge difference in our well-being.

Talitha moved out to Ft. McMurray in March as well.  She is taking care of twin 4 year old boys and a 3 year  old boy as well.  It's a 3 week position and then she needs to find other work.  She is staying with friends of ours up there and has made some friends at a Baptist church they (Pete and her) are now attending... even some Portuguese speaking people! Dennis is doing well... he is has entered exam time and is working hard at TRU.

Meagan, Trevor and Tavis are doing well in school.  Meagan is gearing up for Grad in June. Trevor is playing Volleyball this term and has been asked to tutor a girl in math 2 days a week.  Tavis did a crazy Science project for the Science Fair... he made a shocker!  Just like Trevor made in Africa... he took 2 cans and attached wires to it... then he attached those wires to a power switch that had from 3volts to 12volts power.  He borrowed a blood pressure cuff from the school office and took blood pressure of people and then shocked them and took it again.  He even shocked the Principal. Trevor and Meagan also went to a mission conference down in Halifax, where they met people with MAF who know everyone we met in Angola ;) they enjoyed talking with them. Tavis had mono last year and I think he passed it off to the rest of us... we were all lacking in energy for several weeks... but that has seemed to pass now... although Trevor often sleeps as soon as he gets home from school, but he is busy with 2 or 3 volleyball practices or a game per week, and now he plans to tutor 2 days a week... busy little guy!

So although this has been a busy month it has been a good one.  Sure it ended with me being sick with a bad cold, but all in all it was an improvement over the last year! Next week I go for a follow-up appointment with my OB/GYN and I am doubt I will have to see her again until next year!!! That would be nice.  I am very thankful for GOOD health... it makes all the difference in one's outlook on life.  It can get pretty depressing and stressful to feel badly for so long, so I am very thankful to GOD for granting me the opportunity to feel better!!!!

Take care,