Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Time

Trevor, Meagan, Dennis, Talitha and Tavis... decorating the tree for Christmas, and getting a little carried away with the ornaments! ;)  Fun times!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Update

This has been a very long year. Since last year I have had so many doctors appointments, specialist appointments, and various tests that I have begun to lose track of what's going on!  It started with a referral to the OB/GYN... in June I had surgery. After the endometrial ablation something happened to my lower back (must have aggravated my bulged disc.... which I LATER found out about) and caused sciatic pain to pulse down my leg from my lower back to the bottom of my foot.  It was so bad that I could barely walk or get around for 2 months.  After that point there was still constant pain but at least I could walk.  It was then that I had a back spasm that sent me to the floor of the shower.  After being rescued by my two girls I spent the next 3 days in bed unable to move at all!  In between these issues were some other issues.  I still had all the symptoms of cervical cancer and the first OB/GYN had not dealt with the cervix during the surgery.  So I was referred to a female OB/GYN in Moncton.  She did a colposcopy and found that I have a lot of nuisance cells but no cancer... so she has referred me to the colposcopy clinic again where she will cauterize the cervix.  This should take care of the bleeding problem.  She also tested me for infections just in case.  In October I went for a CT Scan and they found the bulged disc. I was scheduled to go to the neurologist in Moncton on the same day that I had my follow up appointment with the OB/GYN, but they cancelled it because of a H1N1 outbreak.  So I am going tomorrow to Moncton to stay overnight as I have an EARLY appointment on Thursday morning!  I am still awaiting my MRI which will scan my upper back, shoulders, neck and head. I am hoping that this will show the deeper problem as to why I have constant nagging neck, shoulder and upper back pain.  As well my visit to the neurologist should be able to give some help in that area as well... although part of the appointment is to find out why my arms, elbows, and hands go numb all the time.  Other than those things to deal with I have also had pneumonia this year, as well as numerous infections of different sorts.  I guess my immune system has been compromised and my body is just plain worn out!

The kids have had a better start to the school year than they did last year. It is unfortunate that they have been held back a year but they are dealing with it better this year than they did last.  Meagan will graduate in June, and she is VERY excited about this.  There are a lot of preparations to make, lots of fund raisers, and lots of money will go to pictures, ring, dress, etc... but it's her last year and we will do our best to make it special!  Trevor and Tavis are doing well (not that they love school or anything, but their good at it).  Talitha is working in Moncton and on December 11 her boyfriend will arrive from Kamloops to spend the 3 weeks over Christmas with our family. We are very excited about that.  Dennis is going to TRU in Kamloops but he is from Kenya.  He loves the Lord and the two of them are working sensibly on their relationship and keeping God in the center which is a HUGE blessing!

Pete has been working for a local trucking company called Gold Line.  He spends the better part of 5 days per week on the road (or waiting for unloading and reloading, sadly they are not paid by the hour).  He is looking for work out in Alberta for after Christmas.  We are praying that it will be a VERY good paying job as we have a lot of catching up to do after this year (no extended medical until September, so a lot of money has gone to prescriptions... as well as numerous large bills, such as firewood, a van, tires, and the list goes on and on and on).

We celebrate our 22nd Anniversary on the 19th of December.  We are not sure what we will do yet, but I am hoping that we can get away for a weekend... since we haven't done that for so many years I can't even remember when the last time was that it happened.  One night just isn't enough... but we'll see how it goes.

I am looking forward to my health issues being taken care of.  I have been using a lot of time working on crafts (in the form of presents mainly) but I would like to take some time to set up an Etsy account where I can sell some of the things that I create.  I would also like to one day put into practice my TEFL certificate and go somewhere to teach English as a Foreign Language.  It is imperative that early in the New Year I get to Namibia and Angola to sort out our STUFF.  This has been a great burden and I need to get it dealt with and settled.  So I am praying that the finances will come and I will be able to make it back to deal with things.... with enough time to take a 2 week break at the end of my visit.  My body, soul and mind NEED a break... one where I can rest and meditate on what God wants for me  now that we will not return to Africa for quite some time... as I did not feel any calling to return to Canada for any length of time it has been difficult to sort this out in my heart and mind.  It has caused a lot of stress for me and I need to get it sorted.

Well... we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
May God richly bless you.
Charlene (for the rest of the Knightly's)

Here is my other website... it details my Creative Side!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Silly Brothers

Not sure what got into them, but boy a face I made! haha
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Vince's Birthday Party...

Here are all the grandkids of Carroll and Cathy Hill... minus Ashley & Henry (who were out west at the time) and Tyler (at Bible School).

The Three Siblings!
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Been a While...

It certainly has been a while since I last updated all of you on our comings and goings! Let's see... I had my surgery in June and for about 2 months I had difficulty walking (due to some kind of nerve damage in my leg... completely unrelated to the purpose of my surgery), in August I got pneumonia, had a bad back spasm in the shower which sent me to the floor of the tub, suffered from a very painful neck and found out I had an ulcer... go figure! This month however has been more positive... I am feeling a lot better. I have been referred to a neurologist and for a CAT scan and an MRI... as well I have been referred to another OB/GYN for some things that were missed during my surgery in June. So things are starting to look up... even if it is just having the peace of mind knowing that one day I will have my aches and pains looked into!

Other than that... let's see Ndemufayo came from Namibia and stayed with us for 6 months... that was a HUGE blessing for me considering all the health issues I was having. We were able to go and have some fun when Annemiek came from Holland, and I was well enough to do so (it was just before my surgery). Pete got a job, trucking for Gold Line a company from the Miramichi and he has been doing long hauls as far south as North Carolina, as far east as Newfoundland, and as far west as Toronto Ontario. Talitha and I took a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) course online. Meagan, Trevor and Tavis have started back for another year at NSER... Meagan will graduate this year and would like to go take a midwifery course in the Philippines (a US certificate at the end of 2 years, lots of practicum and it is a ministry as well). Trevor is in grade 9 and Tavis in grade 8. Sadly they were all put back a grade due to being home schooled and living in Africa (hmmmm)!

I will try to update more often from here on in... this is just a quick scan of the happenings since I last blogged!